Come Out to Our Party at 46 Mulberry

This past weekend, one of my great friends, Halcyon, moved in with another of of my great friends, Charlie.  To celebrate Halcyon’s arrival, they threw a party in their apartment in Chinatown.  Charlie has a reputation for composing musical ‘evites.’  He asked me to compose the most recent one — this is what I came up with.  Now that the party has happened, I feel confident I can publish it without fear of causing uninvited party guests.

In recording this, I used a lot of vocal layering, a lot of autotune, and a lot of other acoustic sounds (e.g., oboe accompaniment and hand claps).  I like the sound a lot, and am hoping to use it in some more serious music sometime soon.

Lyrics below the jump.

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Everyone Has a Little Homo Inside Them

A couple of weeks ago, I set some lyrics for my friend Zach Zimmerman’s one man show, “Straight Man.” I went ahead and made a recording of the song myself — check it out!

Zach will be performing the song again at Chicago Sketchfest this weekend, and will also be putting “Straight Man” up at New York City’s People’s Improv Theater in early February.

NOTE: This content is slightly NSFW.