Space Shuttle Endeavour Flyover

Yesterday, the space shuttle Endeavour had its flyover of the Bay Area.  My friend Dan and I headed down to Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge to witness the event.  The shuttle’s flight path is shown below (c/o stargazer95050).

Endeavour flyover path

I’ve included some low-quality photos that I took with my iPhone 4S.  Farewell to the space shuttle era! 


Every year in the JHU Physics and Astronomy Department, the first year graduate students play an April Fool’s Day prank.  The prank usually comes by way of embellishing the department lobby 1

Our first year class chose the somewhat topical “#occupybloomberg” as our April Fool’s Day Prank, transforming the Bloomberg lobby into an occupy encampment.  Strewn about the lobby were cardboard signs, filled with occupy-like physics puns.  The centerpiece of the entire prank was a giant picture of our most-beloved quantum mechanics lecturer, Zlatko Tesanovic, and one of his many quote’s insinuating that physicists are entirely to blame for the economic recession:

“Physicists have played a great part in the economic collapse of the planet.”

Below are some pictures of #occupybloomberg.  Enjoy!


  1. In past years, this has included the construction of a circus scene, but also covering the entire lobby with slighly-filled cups.