Photo Hack Day 3

This past weekend, me and my co-worker Chris Chen participated in Photo Hack Day 3, a hackathon sponsored by FaceBook in the Dropbox HQ.  The hackathon gave participants a chance to build photo-oriented programs using a variety of APIs and tools.  Chris and I built a pretty simple Facebook app 1, since we wanted to learn how to use the Facebook API.  Our as-of-yet untitled project can be found at the following link:

Chris and Dave’s Photo Hack Day 3 Project

The app scrapes your most recent facebook photos, and ranks and resizes them based on popularity (a metric that we defined — simply the sum of the number of likes and comments the photo has).  We didn’t have time to finish the project, but the next step would be to cleverly re-arrange the re-sized photos into some aesthetically pleasing collage.  For now, they just get dumped in a list.


  1. Neither of us are software engineers, although we both have some amount of programming experience

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