Greyhound Across America

My Greyhound Bus Route Across America
My Greyhound Bus Route Across America from December 21st to December 24th

This holiday season, I made the regrettable mistake of not trying to book my airfare home from San Francisco to Connecticut until December 7th.  The past couple of  years I have flown near the holidays (in 2010 to Chicago, in 2011 to San Francisco) and have never found the fares to be that egregious.  I had no idea that when I loaded Kayak, I would be faced with a $1200.00 round trip flight to get home.

In a moment of frugality and desperation, I booked my travel.  But I only booked one flight – from JFK to SFO.  To get back to the East Coast, I booked a grueling, three-day-long Greyhound bus trip from San Francisco to New York. 

I promised numerous people I would livetweet this trip.  Found below are the tweets from my epic journey across the Lower 48.

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