What I Learned From Riding the Greyhound From San Francisco to New York

In an earlier blog post, I shared live tweets from my Greyhound Bus trip from San Francisco to New York City in December 2012. I wrote a brief piece on my journey for the Huffington Post blog, which can be found in full here.

2 thoughts on “What I Learned From Riding the Greyhound From San Francisco to New York”

  1. Enjoyed your travelogue much – especially since I will be taking Greyhound from Oakland to Reno on November 28 in order to watch the UConn women Huskies play the University of Nevada-Reno. When I traveled by Greyhound from Los Angeles to NYC in 1965 the advert slogan was “$65 for 65 hours”. My upcoming Greyhound ride will be the first in 30 years when I rode from Hollywood to San Francisco. I’m somewhat apprehensive – “doubtful” as Agatha Christie might put it. Six hours (twice over) on a Greyhound is bound to be – as a collegiate freight train hopping chum put it – an experience. The ball game begins at 6pm and the bus’s scheduled arrival time in Reno is 4:20. We shall see. Thanks again. By the way, I’ve traveled transcontinentally by motorcycle, car, bus, train, and thumb. Never by aeroplane, bicycle or tumbrel.
    Thanks again.

  2. Reminds me of the trip I took in 1971 from San Francisco to Detroit. Same people rode then, not much has changed. One guy was headed back east courtesy of the State of Ca; bought a bottle in Nevada and puked in Utah. A chick, with heroin habit, going to Joliet to see her boyfriend. She befriended another chick from India whose student visa had run out, and was desperate. There was a plan to arrange a marriage. A born again Christian that made it his mission to bring the word of Jesus to the two young women. Four black guys got on in Des Moines, noisily talking about Chicago all the way to Chicago. 55+ hours to Detroit.
    What has always stuck with me was the logo on the back of the bus “Go Greyhound, See America”.

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